What is valet parking?

Valet parking is a service designed to eliminate the need for guests or patrons to park their own vehicles. Here's how it works: The valet attendant greets the customer at the designated valet area, opens the car door, assists the customer with exiting the vehicle (if needed), and then parks the vehicle for the customer in a designated space. When the customer is ready to leave, the valet retrieves the vehicle from the valet parking area, meets the customer at the designated valet area, and safely returns the customer's vehicle and keys.

How do I know where the designated valet area is?

Plenty of signs will be posted to lead you to the valet area.  Once in the area, a sign will indicate to you where to stop your vehicle. 

Do you provide wheelchair or umbrella service?

We are always prepared for inclement weather and provide umbrellas for guests to take advantage of.  This may rarely (dependant upon venue and strategy) require an additional valet to be added to the event to ensure prompt drop off and retrieval of vehicles.  Wheelchair assistance is available dependant upon the specific venue.  Exquisite Valet does not provide wheelchairs but makes every attempt to assist in retrieving and wheeling guest if needed.

What is an appropriate tip for a valet parking service?

The average tip is about $3, although $2 is considered the acceptable minimum.  Tipping is completely up to each individual guest.  If you wish the event or establishment be a non-tipping event, gratuities can be added to the contract.

Will the valet know how to drive my car?

Our experience ranges from driving basic compact cars to exotic sports cars.  We park all vehicles with care ensuring that they are returned to the owner in the same condition in which it was received.

What do I do if I lose my claim ticket?

If you lose the claim ticket required to claim your vehicle several steps may occur.  First we will ask for a description of the vehicle including license plate number and the key chain that accompanies said vehicle.  You must show your drivers license and fill out a lost claim ticket form.  We will verify either through calling the police or by comparing the registration on the vehicle to your drivers license that you are the owner of the vehicle.  If at this point the valet feels satisfied that you are the owner of the vehicle it will be retrieved and returned to you.  Unfortunately, this process can take a substantial amount of time, however, we do it for the safety of you and your vehicle.  We simply ask that you please do your best not to lose your claim ticket.

What if something happens to my car?

While this situation is rare, if damage to the vehicle occurs due to an error made by the valet, we will pay to restore the car to its condition upon receipt of the vehicle.  If the problem was caused by mechanical malfunction (i.e. brakes stop functioning, alternator stops working, door dings caused by other customers, etc.) we will not assume responsibility to fix these issues, as they were not caused by our valet parking the vehicle.   In the event that this should occur, it is your duty to inform the lead valet on duty of such damages.  They will in turn, inform you of the steps to take to have your vehicle repaired.

How do I know if I need the services of Exquisite Valet?

If you want to create an atmosphere of sophistication to your event, or if your area has any parking restrictions or limitations that make it difficult for your customer to attend your occasion, then Exquisite Valet is for you. Another reason may be that your event is taking place at a specific hour, and everyone is due to show up at the same time.  Exquisite Valet has the experience in handling the most chaotic of situations. We know how to turn chaos into calm. 

How many attendants will I need?

Every event is different. We have the experience to correctly evaluate each situation based on many different factors. Based on your venue, expected guest count and layout of your facility and the surrounding area, we will tailor our services to fit you just right.

Are there different types of uniforms?

Absolutely.  Our attendants have three styles and looks to most appropriately correspond with your occasion or facility. From a casual polo shirt and shorts, to a first class vest, tie and slacks, our attendants will represent your affair in the best way possible.  In fact, some companies issue their shirts with company logos and “valet” printed on the back. Companies know and trust that Exquisite Valet is the valet service provider that will represent them the best.

Are your attendants trustworthy, especially with a car belonging to a guest?

Definitely, 100% yes. Before any employee works for Exquisite Valet, they undergo a complete drug-screening process, state license DMV check and criminal background check in addition to extensive training before being entrusted to work for us.  Exquisite Valet also does a good job of hiring on a referral basis only as well to further ensure a responsible, loyal, and trustworthy team.

Do you have proper insurance in the unlikely event of any damages?

Yes. Exquisite Valet obtains all three types of appropriate insurance coverage it takes to do business.

How do I get started?

Click Here to be directed to our contact page and sign up now for a no obligation assessment or call us today at (918) 481-2070.

Where do the valets park the cars?

We are able to park the vehicles on the streets and open parking lots as permissible by property owners and the parking laws. We utilize street parking as efficiently as possible. For private homes we will park up and down the streets of the neighborhood. When we have an open area or empty parking lot we can become quite efficient in maximizing the available space.

How is your staff trained?

Exquisite Valet maintains a high level of training and management supervision. Part of the reason for Exquisite Valet's success has been a long-standing commitment to a well thought out training program and a program of intelligent management supervision. In order to maintain the quality of any valet operation it is imperative that there be an effective screening process, rigorous, uniform training and follow through on the principles of training on a day to day basis.

What equipment do I need to provide?

Nothing. Exquisite Valet will provide all tickets, uniforms and generic signage for your event. Specialized signage can be provided at cost.

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